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Advertising existed but it was negligible as a factor in financing programs.

Hot Air Balloon Parade

There were three categories of advertising with corresponding rates: Vasarhelyi hirlap weekly viewing time during that period on TV1 amounted to 65 hours, Vasarhelyi hirlap 17 hours. TV2, however, broadcast only for a few hours in the evening.

This structure applied to programming produced primarily in Budapest and broadcast to all of Hungary. At the same time however, there was also a network of regional stations that functioned much like the system of public access in the United States.

Vasarhelyi hirlap transmission capabilities of these stations were limited but their programs were largely home grown. As cable began to be vasarhelyi hirlap in Hungary the possibilities increased for program diversity.

Television broadcasting was always centralized in Budapest, Hungary's capital city.

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However, production vasarhelyi hirlap occurred in vasarhelyi hirlap studios such as in the cities of Szeged and Debrecen. These centers evolved into the local public access cable television studios of today. These cross-border telecasts were in fact an important ingredient in the pro-democracy revolutions that swept Eastern Europe between and For example, in the Hungarian speaking area of Romania Transylvania the population received and regularly watched Hungarian television that was at times specifically targeted at this population.


In fact, the spark which ignited the Romanian revolution of vasarhelyi hirlap, was vasarhelyi hirlap in the Hungarian-speaking city Temesvar in Transylvania now belonging to Romania. After the first free democratic elections in Hungary sincethe MDF Hungarian Democratic Forum announced that the party would chose one individual to run Hungarian Television and another to run Hungarian Radio.


They would be the first independent presidents of those institutions since the Communist takeover in the post war period. Vasarhelyi hirlap political scientists were chosen: It was believed that these men could maintain an impartial position between the party in power and the opposition.

Each accepted vasarhelyi hirlap the condition that a new media law be adopted to regulate the appointment of presidents of radio and television.

Democracy – Hungarian Spectrum

Hankiss and Gombar wanted to ensure the independence of these institutions by breaking the structure implemented by the previous Communist governments. During the Vasarhelyi hirlap period these positions were appointed by the Council of Ministers under the auspicious of the Politburo.

The power of the president s was completely dependent on the vasarhelyi hirlap and directly controlled by the Prime Minister. Hankiss and Gombar agreed to hold office until a media law was passed and their successors more democratically chosen. Unfortunately, while their goals were noble, reality proved more complicated.

A media law was not passed until December 21,so that the two appointees remained in office for two and a half contentious and politicized years Hankiss, It was however, one of the most creative and politically independent periods in the history of both Hungarian Radio and Hungarian Television Hill, During this transition period, Hungarian Television began a process of decentralization.

The old, highly stratified and centralized programming and production structure was replaced by autonomous production units. The structure of large departments e.