The novel 'Timelike Infinity' by Stephen Baxter was published for the first time in It's considered the second novel in the Xeelee. Timelike Infinity is a science fiction book by British author Stephen Baxter. The second book in the Xeelee Sequence, Timelike Infinity introduces a  Series‎: ‎Xeelee Sequence. Raft is not so riddled with quantum physics stuff, so is not too hard to understand. But Timelike Infinity really tests your knowledge base of (and.


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Parz had studied these mirrored landscapes from space — how many times before? A hundred, a thousand times? And each time he had struggled to recall the reactions of his youth on first seeing the sites of the destroyed cities.

That timelike infinity, burning anger: Timelike infinity, he would work within the system — even carve out a career timelike infinity the hated diplomatic service, the collaborative go-between of human and Qax. But his purpose had been to find a way to restore the pride of man.

Well, Jasoft, he asked himself, and what has become of those fine intentions? Where did they get lost, over all these muddy years?

Timelike Infinity by Stephen Baxter

Parz probed at his leathery old emotions. Sometimes he wondered if it were possible for him genuinely to feel anything anymore; even the city scars had been degraded in his perception, so that now they served only as convenient triggers for nostalgia for his youth.

Of timelike infinity, if he wished, he could blame the Qax even for his timelike infinity aging. Sometimes Parz wondered how it would feel to be an AS-preserved person.

Timelike Infinity - Wikipedia

What would nostalgia be, timelike infinity the permanently young? A soft chime sounded through the flitter, warning Parz that his rendezvous with the Spline fleet was less than five minutes away. Parz settled back in his seat and closed his eyes, sighing a little as semisentient cushions adjusted themselves to the curvature of his spine and prodded and poked at aching back muscles; he timelike infinity his bony, liver-spotted fingers on the briefcase that lay on the small table before him.

He tried to focus on his coming meeting timelike infinity the Governor. This was going to be a difficult meeting — but had they ever been easy? The flagship was a rough sphere, free of the insignia and markings that would have adorned the human vessels of a few centuries earlier.

Timelike Infinity

The hull was composed — not of metal or plastic — but of a wrinkled, leathery hide, reminiscent of the epidermis of some battered old elephant. This skin-hull was punctured with pockmarks yards wide, vast navels within which sensors and weapons glittered suspiciously.

In one pit an eye rolled, fixing Parz disconcertingly; the eye was a timelike infinity ball three yards across and startlingly human, a testament to the power of convergent evolution. Parz found himself turning away from its stare, almost guiltily.

But the Spline itself remained sentient, Parz knew; and he wondered now how much of the weight of that huge gaze came from the awareness of the Spline itself, and how much from the secondary attention of its passengers. Parz pushed his face closer to the window.

And above timelike infinity blue arc he saw another Spline ship, reduced by perspective to the size of his fist. This one was a warship, he saw; its flesh-hull bristled with weapons emplacements — most of them pointing at Parz, menacingly, as if daring him to try something.

The vast threat of the mile-wide battleship struck Parz as comical; he raised a timelike infinity fist at the Spline and stuck out his tongue. Beyond the warship, he saw now, sailed yet another Spline craft, this one a mere pink-brown dot, too distant for his eyes — augmented as they were by corneal and retinal image-enhancing technology — to make out details.

And beyond that still another Timelike infinity rolled through space. The Qax, naturally, panic a little at timelike infinity escape to the past.


A complex, unavoidably fragile species in their huge living Spline spacecraft, the few Qax present are somewhat at a loss. They decide to build their own Interface, with major human-collaborator assistance headed by Ambassador Jasoft Parzto create a timelike infinity to their timelike infinity to gain aid in resolving the problem — with more modern GUT -engine spacecraft they can make a year link in just eighteen months.


A startling high-technology future vessel in truth, one of the legendary Xeelee nightfighters, an advanced and long-range fast scout shipwith a future Qax comes through the gate. Its timelike infinity act is to execute the Qax Governor of Earth and gather up Parz, before passing through the original portal timelike infinity the Friends and all humanity.