With David Ogden Stiers, Patrick Zeller, Richard Arum, Walter Belenky. NPR coverage of They Made America: From the Steam Engine to the Seach Engine: Two Centuries of Innovators by Harold Evans, Gail Buckland, and David. They Made America is a PBS four-part series that examines the history of innovation in the United States and its impact around the world.


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All in all, a very fascinating and worthy show if you love history. The only problem is that they made four episodes and that's it!


I sure would like to see some more of these! The book suffers from they made america meander through some black lady's world not clear what her innovation was.

They Made America : NPR

It also spends time on Barbie she looks the way she does for a reason. And Ted They made america story is interesting - his business skills cannot be doubted but he feels the need to share WHERE he was when he realized that CNN had totally defeated its competitors.


So read the book. Learn the stories that don't follow the predetermined historical narrative that came from my high school history textbook. The flourishing of America is the story of an inventive people with a mystic faith in technology, from the early settlers who used windmills as a way of getting water on the Great Plains to the electronic whiz kids of they made america Internet.

Innovation, practical inventiveness, is the main force behind America's preeminence. But there is more to this extraordinary history. Harold Evans traces how the innovators have time and again proved to be d Fun they made america read, interesting and inspiring.


Harold Evans traces how the innovators have time and again proved they made america be democratizers, driven not by greed but by an ambition to be remembered. They translated the nation's political ideals into economic reality.

They made america was really interesting to read about how certain businesses and institutions, like Sesame Street, came into being. Some really interesting perspectives on ingenuity in general. Even Franklin, businessman, scientist and inventor, exalted agriculture and looked down on trade.

They Made America | PBS

Everything turned on individual enterprise. The national they made america was weak, and the laissez-faire ideas of Adam Smith had taken root. George Washington, in his first message to Congress inrecommend "giving effectual encouragement to the introduction of new they made america useful inventions from abroad," but he could not get Congrcss to fund a national university.

Alexander Hamilton, and especially his assistant secretary at the Treasury, Tench Coxepleaded in vain for the allocation of public money to encourage invention and manufacturing.

Several states advertised bounties for the introduction of machinery, or the production of such known items as wool cards, sulfur, wire and fabrics, but those pockets did not have deep linings.

They Made America

The number of state charters granted to enable business concerns to raise money did double from to 89 by comparison with to 85, but capital was meager, skill scarce and the general atmosphere depressing.

How was it then that this backward, dozy America led the world in they made america the steamboat? It is true that the seminal steamboat service, developed by Robert Fulton inemployed a British low pressure Watt-Boulton they made america, but by the flourishing Mississippi Basin steamers were powered by high-pressure engines of original American invention.