The Flies study guide contains a biography of Jean-Paul Sartre, literature essays, quiz questions, major themes, characters, and a full summary and analysis. Sartre, The Flies. Sartre revamped the Orestes story (see Aeschylus, The Libation Bearers; Sophocles, Electra; Euripides, Electra) by adding Zeus as an ironic. NO EXIT. AND. THREE OTHER PLAYS. BY. JEAN PAUL SARTRE. NO EXIT (Huis Clos). THE FLIES (Les Mouches) translated from the French by Stuart Gilbert.


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Here everyone cries his sins on the housetops So you can imagine her delight when she finds someone like you, someone the flies sartre and young, who doesn't even know her name,to hear her tale of guilt. It's as if she were confessing for the first time" Zeus and Aegistheus are in cahoots in keeping the people the flies sartre to a myth.


The people are even impatient with any delay in the increase of their misery: Electra boldly tries to undermine the ritual by dancing and raising the awareness of the people to their own manipulation.

Their fickleness is shown when Zeus intervenes with a "sign" Electra has messianic hopes, unfortunately another avoidance of responsibility through a technique of deferral: Orestes reveals his identity to the flies sartre 86 ; and note her response: I felt the flies sartre lonely when I didn't know you.

I was waiting for the Orestes of my dream; always thinking of his strength and of my weakness.

“The Flies”, analysis of the drama by Sartre | LitHelper

And now you're there before me" His speech about his hometown would have the flies sartre home, as it were, the flies sartre the Paris audience.

Orestes prays for divine guidance, but indications are that he is answered by his own internal voice: Ah, if I only knew which path to take! But now I am weary and my mind is dark; I can no longer distinguish right from wrong.

I need a guide to point my way And yet -- and yet you have the flies sartre the shedding of blood What have I said? Who spoke of bloodshed?

He will slay Aegistheus and his mother and become a redeemer of the city, bringing upon himself the swarm of flies.


The flies sartre act may be one of justice, but more importantly it comes from his free will. Aegistheus acknowledges about the politics of power from the people: Only after obtaining conscious desire for vengeance, Orestes realizes new perception of freedom.

Sartre, The Flies

It lies in the freedom of choosing his path, in refusing to obey the will of the gods, who once created people free but then decided the flies sartre take that knowledge back. While committing the crime, Orestes feels no remorse, because he feels he is doing the flies sartre right thing.

After deciding to kill his mother, he decides to always carry this burden.