The Taoist names Monkey Sun Wukong, meaning—Awakened to Emptiness. After leaving his master, Monkey, who was always rather mischievous, makes himself unpopular amongst the deities. He disrupts the Dragon Palace of the Eastern Sea, demanding an armor and special weapon (which later became his signature magic cudgel). Monkey King, or known to the Chinese old and young as Xi You Ji (Journey to the West), is one of the renowned classical Chinese novels. The Story of Sun Wukong, the Monkey King By Jim R. McClanahan Click here to learn more about the historical, religious, and folklore.


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Sun wukong story the novel, he accompanies the monk Xuanzang on the journey to retrieve Sun wukong story sutras from India. Before Wukong can lift it off, the Buddha seals him there using a paper talisman bearing the mantra Om Mani Padme Hum in gold letters.

Sun Wukong remains imprisoned for five hundred years. In hearing of this, Sun Wukong offers to serve the pilgrim, Tang Sanzanga monk of the Tang dynastyin exchange for his freedom after the pilgrimage is complete.

Monkey King

Understanding that the monkey will be difficult to control, Guanyin gives Tang Sanzang a gift from the Buddha: When Tang Sanzang chants a certain sutra, the band will tighten and cause an unbearable headache. To be fair, Guanyin gives Sun Wukong three special hairs, to be sun wukong story in dire emergencies.


Tang Sanzang's sun wukong story is constantly under threat from demons and other supernatural beings, as well as bandits. It is believed that by eating Tang Sanzang's flesh, one will obtain immortality and great power.


Sun Wukong often acts as his sun wukong story to combat these threats. The group encounters a series of eighty-one tribulations before accomplishing their mission and returning safely to China.

So in Buddhist terms, he has learned sun wukong story 'good begets good and bad begets bad' i. The plot is very simple. The author uses every facet and perspective of Chinese society and Chinese humanity that he could think of to weave into this tale of the journey of Tripitaka, Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy, so sun wukong story it features the habits and mind-set and psyche and hopes and dreams and desires and trials and tribulations and vulnerabilities of the Chinese people; spiced up the tale with irony, satire, ridicule, hypocrisy and cynicism, and conversely hope and faith and endurance; and obviously kungfu and black magic, so that the Chinese can identify and reflect back on the frailties and vagaries and the meaning hopefully spiritual of their lives.

Chinese Tale: Monkey King

The tale has to be both sun wukong story as well as endearing, so that it pulled at the Chinese emotional heart strings, so that the tale like a mirror of reflection enabled the Chinese to see and to know themselves for sun wukong story they are, all their different faces, public faces and private faces, manner and conduct according to rituals and formalities that make others describe the Chinese as 'inscrutable', warts and all, creatures of destiny, manipulated by the hands of fate of an invisible puppet master, but despite all the possible ups and downs, in the end, the Chinese can take comfort and pride, in that they are have the gut strength and courage, verve and resilience, fortitude and intuition to pull through life and whatever life throws at the Chinese as a 'collective'.

It is very important when you read the book that you read it with a Chinese 'collective' frame of mind. At the time this book was written, the concept of 'individuality' as a Chinese human being did not exist, for the smallest unit in society i.

Yes, you see Chinese individuals in the story going about doing things, yes, there appears to be apparent personal greed or ambition, but note that these personal 'unwholesomeness' are of a mind that has a 'collective' personae. When you read the book, make sure, you pause and contemplate, on each 'incident', whether involuntary or volitive, and ask what is the subliminal message?

He then throws a tantrum, sabotages the festivities, and destroys the orchard. He has to be stopped.


This time, the Jade Emperor sendsheavenly warriors to arrest Monkey—to no avail. But the Monkey had already feasted on the peaches of eternal life and downed the elixir pills of immortality, and so neither sun wukong story nor axes nor lightning seem to affect him.

After 49 sun wukong story in the searing flames of the most powerful crucible of Taoist alchemy, Monkey emerges sizzling, yet otherwise unscathed. His name once he achieves enlightenment and becomes a Buddha.

This is not so much praise of his appearance as it is a jab at his large ego.

His first name, which refers to the fact that he was supernaturally sun wukong story from a stone. His Buddhist name given to him by the Patriarch. The Buddha, however, turned over his palm and changed his five fingers into a mountain of the five elements to imprison the Monkey King for five centuries.

Sun Wukong

He can turns clumps of his hair into any object he desires. His fiery eyes can see through most illusions. Being made sun wukong story stone, he is uncomfortable underwater. Made sun wukong story stone and virtually indestructible although he still feels painhe was crowned the Monkey King after he proved to be the only monkey on the Mountain of Fruit and Flowers to dare go through the Water Curtain and set up a kingdom on Earth.

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