The Jerome Biblical Commentary was available in the L2 days, I knew I had asked about this - Louis St. Hilaire, who is still around, sent me. Get this from a library! The New Jerome biblical commentary. [Raymond Edward Brown; Joseph A Fitzmyer; Roland E Murphy;]. The book's title is a reference to Jerome, known for his translation of the Bible into Latin (the Vulgate), and his extensive Biblical commentaries.


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The fifth volume of the Ante-Nicene Fathers includes fragments from the commentary on Daniel by Hippolytus, written about A.


The doctoral dissertation by John P. O'Connell, "The Eschatology of St.

The New Jerome Biblical Commentary

The translation of no volume of the first six centuries of 6 the Christian Church, appearing for the first time in the twentieth century, has quite the significance, it seems to me, that has this translation by my colleague and friend, Dr.

Archer, of Jerome's indispensable and ever-suggestive work st jerome biblical commentary Daniel.

Not even in the commentaries of Luther and Calvin on this portion of Scripture do we have anything as worthwhile as this volume of Jerome.

Inasmuch as the life and work of Jerome may not st jerome biblical commentary too well known to many who will be studying this volume, perhaps a brief word concerning his role in the early development of Christian thought will not be out of place.

Jerome was born of Christian parents in the year A. He was educated in the city of Rome, and was baptized there.


Before he was twenty years of age, Jerome went to Gaul to carry on research, and returned to live in Aquileia from to In he made an extensive trip through the Near East, including a visit to Jerusalem, and then spent five years in the desert of Chalcis, where he practiced the most intense asceticism, though, says a recent writer, "perpetually haunted by reminiscences of the world and the flesh.

He took, however, his classical library with him and comforted himself with Greek and St jerome biblical commentary till one night he dreamed that a judge before whom he was brought punished him for being a Ciceronian and not a Christian; whereupon [in his dream apparently] he vowed to devote his intellect entirely to the Scriptures, and on waking proceeded to learn Hebrew" Ernest Leigh-Bennett: Handbook of the Early Church Fathers, London,p.

St jerome biblical commentary health declined seriously, and in we find him in the great Christian city of Antioch where, much against his will, he was ordained a priest by Paulinus.

St. Jerome, Commentary on Daniel Introduction. pp

The following year he visited Constantinople, desiring to hear Gregory of Nazianzus. From to he resided in Rome, and became a close friend of Pope Damasus.

Having aroused the bitter opposition of many Roman citizens because of his insistence upon ascetic practices, winning to these a number of noble St jerome biblical commentary ladies, in he left for the East and took up residence in Bethlehem, where he continued to live until his death in You can also download printable versions from them I think you have to create a user sign up or something.

Alternatively, if the book is not in current st jerome biblical commentary, I find lots of good stuff on abebooks.

New Jerome Biblical Commentary/New Jerome Bible Handbook

They are an online reseller of used books and if you do a search by St. Contemporary perspectives and topical articles of an introductory nature include Hermeneutics, Canonicity, Old Testament themes, and coverage of biblical theology.

Additional commentary includes articles on Jesus, the early Church, Gnosticism, and st jerome biblical commentary subapostolic church.