"Hayat us Sahaba Urdu (Complete)" has been uploaded We are uploading this book only Seerat-un-Nabi P.B.U.H By Sheikh Shibli Nomani. SEEAR US SAHABA BY SHAH MOEEN UDDIN NADVI. Roshni Key Minaar is a book on the all closest companion lifestyle of the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). It is really informative and interesting.


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The city, which is now part of Basrah, lay on t he banks of the Euphrates River.

Seerat e Sahaba - بِسْمِ اللَّهِ الرَّحْمَٰنِ الرَّحِيمِ

Sinan lived in a luxurious palace seerat e sahaba urdu the banks of the river. He had several children and was particularly fond of one of them who was then barely five years old.

He was blond and fair-complexioned. H e was active and alert and gave much pleasure to his father. One day Hazrat Suhaib Rumi RA 's mother took him and some members of her household to a village called ath-Thani for a picnic. What was to be a relaxing and enjoyable day turned out to be a terrifying experience that was to change the seerat e sahaba urdu of young Hazrat Suhaib Rumi RA 's life forever.

Seerat Hasan bin Ali ┇ Seerat e Sahaba in urdu ┇

That day, the village of ath-Thani was attacked, by a raiding party of Byzantine soldiers. The guards accompanying the picnic party were overwhelmed and killed.

Ali possessions were seized and a large number of persons were taken prisoner. Hazrat Suhaib Rumi RA was taken to one of the slave markets of the Byzantine Seerat e sahaba urdu, the capital of which was Constantinople, there to be sold.

Thereafter he passed from the hands of one slave master to another.

His fate was no different from thousands of other slaves w ho filled the houses, the palaces and castles of Byzantine rulers and aristocrats. Hazrat Suhaib Rumi RA spent his boyhood and his youth as a slave. For about twenty years he stayed in Byzantine lands.

In the palaces of the aristocracy, he saw with hi s own eyes the injustices and the corruption of Byzantine life. He detested that society and later would say seerat e sahaba urdu himself: He seerat e sahaba urdu forgot Arabic.


But he never forgot that he was a son of the desert. He longed for the day when he woul d be free again to join his people's folk.

Hayat – us – Sahabah (Urdu) – 3 Volumes – By Shaykh Muhammad Yusuf Kandhelvi (r.a) |

At the first opportunity Hazrat Suhaib Rumi RA escaped from bondage and headed straight for Makkah which was seerat e sahaba urdu place of refuge or asylum. He became the halif of one of the aristocrats of Makkah, Abdullah ibn Judan.

He engaged in trade and prospered.


In fact, he became quite rich. One day he returned to Makkah from one of his trading journeys. He was told that Muhammad the son of Abdullah had seerat e sahaba urdu calling people to believe seerat e sahaba urdu Allah alone, commanding them to be just and to do good works and prohibiting them from shameful and reprehen sible deeds.

He immediately enquired who Muhammad was and where he stayed.

Be careful however that no Quraysh sees you. If they see you they would do the most terrible things to you.


You are a stranger here and there is no bond of asabiyyahi to protect you, neither have you any clan to help you.