The BBC artist page for Robert Schumann. Find the best clips, watch programmes, catch up on the news, and read the latest Robert Schumann interviews. Robert Schumann (born in Zwickau, died in Bonn-Endenich) Robert Schumann was born on June 8th, as sixth and last child of wealthy parents. Clara Josephine Schumann (née Wieck) was born into a musical family on By , Clara had become completely infatuated with Robert Schumann and her  Missing: biografia ‎| ‎Must include: ‎biografia.


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He is widely regarded as one of the greatest composers of the Romantic era. When he was 16, he lost his father and robert schumann biografia.

As part of his inheritance, he was required to attend university for three years, so he began law school in Leipzig. During this time, he met Friederich Wieck, who would become his teacher and future father-in-law.

Interestingly, Clara Wieck, Friederich's daughter and Robert's future wife, was a far greater performer than Robert would ever be. In Schumann returned to a field he had neglected for nearly 12 years, that of the solo song; in the space of 11 months February—December robert schumann biografia composed nearly all the songs on which much of his reputation rests: Clara had been pressing him to widen his scope, to launch out in other media—above all, the orchestra.

Clara Schumann

Now in January—February he composed the Symphony No. After this the orchestral impulse was temporarily spent. In another new departure, Schumann in wrote several chamber works, the finest being the Piano Quintet in E-flat Major.

He made his debut as a conductor—a role in which he was invariably ineffective—with its first performance in December of that year. Their relationship has been interpreted as bordering between friendship and love [21].

Robert's robert schumann biografia and death[ edit ] Robert attempted suicide in February and then was committed to an asylum for the last two robert schumann biografia of his life.

Clara Schumann - Wikipedia

Tours, often to Britain, often with Joachim[ edit robert schumann biografia Drawing of Clara, Clara first went to England in Aprilwhile Robert was still living but unable to travel.

She was invited to play in a London Philharmonic Society [23] concert by conductor William Sterndale Bennetta good friend of Robert's.

Wylde, who Clara said had "led a dreadful rehearsal" and "could not grasp robert schumann biografia rhythm of the last movement. James's Robert schumann biografia, London, which opened inhosted a series of "Popular Concerts" of chamber music, of which programs from through are preserved.

Most often on the same concert programmes would be second violinist Joseph Ries and violist J. George Bernard Shawthe leading playwright who was also a music critic, wrote that the Popular Concerts helped greatly to spread and enlighten musical taste in England.


On 30 Septemberthe year-old composer Johannes Brahms arrived unannounced at the door robert schumann biografia the Schumanns carrying a letter of introduction from violinist Joseph Joachim. Schumann was not at home, and would not meet Brahms until robert schumann biografia next day.

Brahms amazed Clara and Robert with his music, stayed with them for several weeks, and became a close family friend. He later worked closely with Clara to popularize Schumann's compositions during her long widowhood.

Robert Schumann | German composer |

During this time Schumann, Brahms and Schumann's pupil Albert Dietrich collaborated on the composition of the F-A-E Sonata for Joachim; Schumann also published an article, "Neue Bahnen" "New Paths" in the Neue Zeitschrift his first article in many yearshailing the unknown young Brahms from Hamburg, a man who had published nothing, as "the Chosen One" who "was destined to give ideal expression to the times.

Two years later at Robert schumann biografia request, the work received its first Robert schumann biografia performance conducted by William Sterndale Bennett.

He suffered a renewal of the symptoms that had threatened him earlier. Besides the single note sounding in his ear possibly evidence of tinnitus [ citation needed ]he imagined that voices sounded in his robert schumann biografia and he heard angelic music.

The theme was one he had used several times before: In the days leading up to his suicide attempt, Robert schumann biografia wrote five variations on this theme for the piano, his last completed work, today known as the Geistervariationen Ghost Variations.


Four years later, inSchumann experienced robert schumann biografia severe breakdown and the couple moved to Dresden at the recommendation of his doctors. During their marriage, Clara was pregnant ten times and bore eight children: