Vo Trong Nghia Architects puts a fresh spin on the ancient art of rammed earth construction in the Dong Anh house, Mao Khe architecture, H&P Architects. Historically found on every single continent (except Antarctica), there's nothing new about rammed earth building. Its use has been dated back. Saint Bartholomew's Chapel, by Kevin deFreitas Architects, is located in the Along with rammed earth, the material palette includes spotted gum, rough.


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In modern variations of the technique, rammed-earth walls are constructed on top of conventional footings or a reinforced concrete slab base.

The compressive strength of rammed earth is a maximum of rammed earth architecture. This is less than that of concrete but more than sufficiently strong for domestic edifices.

See Agadir earthquake for an example of the total destruction which may be inflicted on such structures by an earthquake. More at Archinect… Posted on Rammed Earthenware The Rammed Earthenware collection by the Japanese design collective, Brilis made from rammed earth architecture combination of soil in various colours, sand, lime and water.


The mixture is poured into a mould and rammed with three wooden sticks, each with a different shaped tip, until it becomes hard. As a corollary to its high thermal mass, rammed earth has limited thermal insulating qualities — similar to an uninsulated fibre cement wall.

Insulation can be added to rammed earth walls with linings but, as a general rule, a mm rammed earth wall will not meet Rammed earth architecture Code of Australia Rammed earth architecture requirements for external wall insulation.

Hybrid buildings that use insulated framed external walls with rammed earth internal walls and feature elements can achieve high insulation and high mass.

Under certain design criteria i.

Insulation can also be added within the thickness of a rammed earth wall rammed earth architecture this adds to its cost and changes the structural properties of the wall. However, it does provide the benefits of both excellent thermal rammed earth architecture and good thermal insulation in the one wall while retaining the desirable look, texture, feel, acoustics and low maintenance properties of the facing of rammed earth on each side.

Rammed Earth | Inhabitat - Green Design, Innovation, Architecture, Green Building

The best location for insulation when used rammed earth architecture conjunction with rammed earth is on the outside face of the wall, so that the thermal mass is within a contained and controllable external envelope see Passive solar heating; Passive cooling.

Sound insulation One of the best ways rammed earth architecture insulate against sound is have monolithic mass, which rammed earth provides very well. It has excellent sound reverberation characteristics and does not generate the harsh echoes characteristic of many conventional wall materials see Noise control.


Fire and vermin resistance There are no flammable components in a rammed earth wall and its fire resistance rammed earth architecture thus very good. In tests by the Rammed earth architecture a mm thick Cinva-rammed earth block wall similar to rammed earth achieved a near four hour fire-resistance rating.

There is no cavity to harbour vermin and nothing in the material to attract or support them so its resistance to vermin attack is very high.

Durability and moisture resistance The basic technology has been around for thousands of rammed earth architecture and there are many rammed earth buildings still standing that are centuries old.

Rammed earth does possess a generally high durability but all types of rammed earth walls are porous by nature and need protection from driving rain and long term exposure to moisture. Maintain water protection to rammed earth architecture tops and bottoms of walls.

Rammed earth

Continued exposure to moisture may degrade the internal structure of the earth by reversing the cement stabilisation and allowing the clays to expand.

In general, rammed earth does have moderate to good rammed earth architecture resistance and most modern Australian rammed earth walls do not require additional waterproofing.


New water repellent additives that waterproof the walls right through may make rammed earth suitable for very exposed conditions, including retaining walls, but may inhibit the breathability of the material. Rammed Earth Constructions Pty Ltd Rammed earth lends itself to use with timber and natural materials.

Breathability rammed earth architecture toxicity Provided it is not sealed with material that is impermeable to air molecules, rammed earth maintains its breathability.

Rammed earth architecture drier mixture gives the wall more texture and graininess.