Jump to India - Following the replacement of the Federal Court with the Supreme Court of India in January , the Abolition of Privy Council Jurisdiction Act came into effect, ending the right of appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Privy y‎: ‎Certain members of the Commonwea. There was a right of appeal to the Judicial Committee of the Privy Council in London from the Federal Court of India. The Judicial Committee of Privy Council. In , a white paper was issued by the British Government for establishment of the Supreme Court in India so as to here appeal from Indian high Courts. It was the first step in avoiding the jurisdiction of Privy Council. After Indian independence, the Federal Court Enlargement of Jurisdiction Act, was passed.


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The same is discussed as under. Origin and establishment of Privy Council: As it is an accepted fact that, every political system develops for itself a certain sort of legislative, executive and the judicial machinery for its smooth working and administration.

privy council india


Establishment of Privy Council was with the same objective. The Privy Council was nothing but the judicial body, which heard appeals from various courts of the British colonies including India.

At the beginning of 11th century, the Normans introduced a Central Government in England for controlling their executive, legislative as well as judicial Departments.

There was a Supreme Federal Council of Privy council india.

Through privy council india the whole administration in England was controlled. Out of them, Magnum Concillium was to deal with executive matters whereas Curia Regis performs judicial functions. The Curia Regis was a small body consisting of high officials of the State, members of the Royal household and certain clerks chosen by the Crown itself.

Privy council india duty was to advice the King in matters of legislation and administration and to deliver a justice.


Gradually, the Curia Regis came to be considered as the advisory body of the King performing most of the vital functions in the field of judicial administration. Court of House of Lords 2. Court of Privy Council. The former privy council india the highest Court of Appeal for the Courts in England while the later privy council india as the highest Court of Appeal for all British Possessions and Settlements beyond the seas.

Thereafter, the Appellate Jurisdiction Act, this membership of the judicial committee was extended two.


This Act provided for the right to appeal from High Courts to Privy Council from all of its judgments except in Criminal matters.

India is the best example. The long involvement of English administrators, lawyers and judges in the development of laws in India, including the work of Law Commissions and the development of statutory Indian codes in many fields was privy council india.

Nevertheless, the principles drawn from these sources have been largely and in numerous privy council india subjected to changes to privy council india them to Indian conditions so that notwithstanding the main sources from which it is drawn Indian jurisdiction can still rightly be called Indian in its structure and operation.

Next, the huge volume of Indian appeals resulted in the bulk of the work of the Judicial Committee coming from that jurisdiction.

Judicial Committee of the Privy Council - Wikipedia

The regular participation of those experienced in Indian law ensured that the English-based judges were familiar with the background. Browsing through Moore's Indian Appeals series from to and the 78 volumes of the Law Reports Privy council india Appeals series from tobrings home that, whether described as 'assessors' or simply as members of the Board, judges with long experience in India regularly sat on Privy council india cases.


Indian appeals dominated the workload of the Judicial Committee. There was no formal black-letter provision for appeal from India to the Privy Privy council india until Until that year privy council india appeals to the Privy Council from India were done on an ad-hoc basis, i.

In these years the Privy Council had provided advice on how to proceed in judicial matters in India.

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