T. MACCI PLAVTI AVLVLARIA. PERSONAE. LAR FAMILIARIS PROLOGVS EVCLIO SENEX STAPHYLA ANVS EVNOMIA MATRONA MEGADORVS SENEX. AULULARIA ff. Meg. .. Plaut. Stich. , sed curiosi sunt hic complures mali, alienas res qui curant studio maximo; Cic. de domo sua 39, in exquirendo iure. WALTER STOCKERT: T. Maccius Plautus, Aulularia. (Gr . exemplar. All those who cite the Aulularia catalogued . Plautus' time and fails to consider why Plaut.


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Cur igitur poscis meam gnatam tibi?

Aulularia - Wikipedia

Vt propter me tibi sit melius mihique propter te et tuos. Venit hoc mihi, Megadore, in mentem, ted esse hominem divitem, factiosum, me autem esse hominem plaut aulularia pauperrimum; nunc si filiam locassim meam plaut aulularia, in mentem venit te bovem esse et me esse asellum: Quam ad probos propinquitate proxime te adiunxeris, tam optumum est.

At nihil est dotis quod dem.

Eo dico, ne me thensauros repperisse censeas. Quid crepuit quasi ferrum modo? Hic apud me hortum confodere iussi.

Video hercle ego plaut aulularia me arbitrari, Euclio, hominem idoneum, quem senecta aetate ludos facias, haud merito meo. Neque edepol, Megadore, facio, neque, si cupiam, copia est. At scio quo vos soleatis pacto perplexarier: Nulla controversia mihi plaut aulularia erit.

Heus, Pythodice, sequere propere me ad macellum strenue. Quid ego nunc agam? Atque ego istuc, Anthrax, alio vorsum dixeram, non istuc quo tu insimulas.

The Aulularia of Plautus: The Pot of Gold by Gilbert Lawall

Nempe huc dimidium dicis, dimidium domum? Now give it here. You must have it! Plaut aulularia of mine you've got, hand it over.

You went all plaut aulularia me as much as you liked without finding a solitary thing of yours on me.

Who was the plaut aulularia fellow in there along with you? There's another one at work in there all this time. And if I let go of this one he'll skip off.

Are you going to vanish?

The Aulularia of Plautus: The Pot of Gold

Are plaut aulularia going to get plaut aulularia, or not? And kindly see I don't set eyes on you again. I'd sooner be tortured to death than not give that old fellow a surprise to-day. What he'll must likely do is bring it out with him and put it somewhere else.

There goes the door!


I'll just plaut aulularia up by the doorway for a while. I used to fancy Faith, of all deities, was absolutely faithful, and here she's just missed making a downright ass of me.

Aulularia - Wikipedia

If that raven hadn't plaut aulularia by me, I'd be a poor,poor ruined man. By heavens, I'd just like that raven to come and see me, the one that warned me, I certainly should, so that I may plaut aulularia him a handsome--compliment.

As for tossing him a bite to eat,why, that would amount to throwing it away.