Of course, you first have to learn how to copy your personal PDFs to the iPhone from your computer. Luckily, it only takes a few easy steps to move a PDF file. Download Adobe Acrobat Reader and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Use your finger or Apple Pencil to e-sign any PDF document. STORE. iPhone at a Glance. iPhone overview. This guide describes the features of iOS , and of iPhone 4, iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c, and. iPhone 5s. iPhone 5s.


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Cult of Mac First, you can tap the Page Range button and use the wheels to set the range.

‎Adobe Acrobat Reader on the App Store

Just tap a little blue-and-white checkmark icon on each page you want to exclude and the checkmark disappears. To reselect a page, tap the checkmark icon again. After all, who prints webpages these days, right? But it can prove ideal for cleaning pdf on iphone 5s messy pages.

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Tutorial sites often offer a printer view, as do recipe sites. Tapping the little printer icon can result in much cleaner PDFs.

If you enter Reader View before printing to PDF, you eliminate everything but the article body and the images. Everything gets laid out nicely, with image captions under images, beautiful titles, and — best of all — no ads, no sharing widgets, nothing. I think many of us take pdf on iphone 5s granted the fact that we use devices every day that do not have be booted up or restarted.

pdf on iphone 5s

How to Download PDF Files to iPhone

So if a restart must be performed, it would help to be notified of this. Developer Response Aug 31, Hi and thank you for the pdf on iphone 5s. Saving changes to a third-party cloud is a complicated dance between Acrobat, the operating system, and the third-party in your case, Box.

All three play a critical role in making this work.

We have not made any recent changes to Acrobat in this area third-party cloud integrationbut we sometimes find that when there are iOS or third-party App updates, those changes sometimes cause issues like you describe.

We have tried to reproduce this locally and have not seen it pdf on iphone 5sthough we cannot pdf on iphone 5s for sure that the problem is not ours so we'll keep testing it.


Box did release several updates between June and August, so it is also possible that they had a bug and fixed it. You can also jump to any Bookmarks from here.

Tap to see your share or print options. Tap to draw and write on top of your PDF. Tap to find a word or phrase in the document or a specific page number. Tap to save your place pdf on iphone 5s later.

4 Ways to Read PDFs on an iPhone - wikiHow

Choose Mail or Print, then follow the onscreen instructions. From the Share pdf on iphone 5s, you can also copy the PDF to paste somewhere else, send it via Messages, Save to Files, or import it to any other apps that appear.

You might see one of two options: