At NAB , Panasonic announced the AG-HMC80, a bigger sister of the AG-HMC40, whose main improvements include a shoulder-mount. 24p Cinema Mode, Dynamic Range Stretch (DRS), Pre-Rec function, built-in speaker, date/time stamp, interval shooting mode. DV input. Yes. Additional. Today's scaled down camcorders are nice if you have a need for lightweight mobility in your video capturing quests. Unfortunately, scaled down.


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Continuing along the left side of the camera body we find the OIS button for switching on and off the Optical Image Stabilization system.

Panasonic AG-HMC80 (32 GB) High Definition Flash Media Camcorder | eBay

A Mode button toggles the camera back and forth between record and playback modes while a switch beneath it selects between either the AVCHD or DV recording formats.

There are Audio Level dials and switches for selecting between auto or panasonic hmc 80 audio functions and front or rear channel selection. A switch for selecting Auto or Manual settings and a pair of panasonic hmc 80 for turning on or off and resetting counter and time code displays, as well as both an HDMI and USB 2.

And, oh yeah, the battery pack goes back there too!

Panasonic AG-HMC80 Pro AVCCAM HD Shoulder Mount PAL AG-HMC82E

panasonic hmc 80 This rearward panasonic hmc 80 puts the camera closer to your face. So instead of defaulting to a swingout LCD screen, the HMC80 comes standard with a sizeable viewfinder that is designed to sit up against your eye.

The rubber eyecup protrudes outward a bit much for me, but it's soft enough to bend it back to a comfortable position. The whole viewfinder assembly can extend to the left far enough for left-eyed people and looking through it gives a very nice view into your HD world. If you're used to looking at a camcorder's swing out screen, then you'll be surprised that using the viewfinder is like looking at a 24" display from just 4' away.

Panasonic AG-HMC80 (32 GB) High Definition Flash Media Camcorder

panasonic hmc 80 You actually look around the image, as panasonic hmc 80 to just looking at a tiny screen. I found the viewfinder to be good to use, but I wish it were a bit crisper for manual focusing.

There ought to be a Peaking control in addition to the Focus Assist, which gives you only a digital crop of the center of the HD image. You can swing up the eyepiece and watch the LCD with both eyes with no trouble. There is also a diopter adjustment for those who wear glasses so you can adjust the eyepiece for your eye and not have to use your glasses.

When packing the camcorder, however, you'll discover a new challenge with larger, viewfinder-based camcorders.


In fact, panasonic hmc 80 deck was separate and the two had a short, fat, multi-pin cable tethering them together. Times have changed, and now cell phones shoot HD.

People perform incredible stunts with a half-dozen GoPro HERO cameras strapped and mounted in all kinds of places, capturing amazing footage.

Panasonic AG-HMC80 Camcorder - | eBay

Tiny DSLRs are touted as replacements for broadcast camcorders and motion picture cameras. A panasonic hmc 80 at rest tends to stay at rest. They do not rest on your shoulder. In fact, the total number of HDV camcorders that were real on-shoulder camcorders could be counted on one hand.

Warranty & Support

For someone new to the industry and accustomed to the ever-shrinking size of camcorders, the Panasonic HMC80 may seem to be a bit panasonic hmc 80 a gorilla. But there is a definite reason it exists.

PHYSICS First, the camera is longer than you're used to because panasonic hmc 80 designed to be long enough to rest on your shoulder, not against it, or solely in your hand. This rearward placement puts the camera closer to your face.