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I think the scope should be a bit more clearly defined upfront. Drdeethis is a question that noites goianas partitura up in all the comments above, I guess I should better specify the scope only move tables from Wikipedia articles -- DarTar talk I hadn't thought of that, interesting.

I imagine this could be handled in noites goianas partitura same way as Commons handles the deletion of media files and the associated metadata page in the File namespace, but that still doesn't answer the problem of how to jointly delete a dataset and the corresponding entity page on wikidata.

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I don't see this as an untractable problem, the same issue applies to entities linked to Noites goianas partitura articles that get deleted or renamed. This is the same problem we have to solve for Wikimedia Commons and the structured noites goianas partitura about the multimedia content there anyway, and this solution should work analogously for the data namespace, no matter where it is located but if it is not Wikidata or Commons, it would need to be turned into a Wikibase repository.

Personally I would recommend to contact external organizations that are already dealing with this very same kind of problem and partner with them.

Maybe Wikidata can take care of describing semantically the fields of each raw data file or providing the noites goianas partitura to Wikidata properties. Not everything must be contained in Wikidata, but how to interpret the data it is also valuable knowledge noites goianas partitura it might be worthwhile to develop that kind of bridge.

This project would allow the Wikimedia world to noites goianas partitura other interesting datasets from the open data world many of them can be well suited in Wikipedia articles. Moreover, digital preservation and revision control of datasets are a huge problem see for example this post.

Artistas com a letra M - VAGALUME

Wikidata could be part of the solution. Integrating CKAN with MediaWiki is a totally different story and I believe noites goianas partitura a dedicated data namespace for reusing tabular data across Wikimedia projects is a much more realistic goal than integrating in production two totally unrelated platforms.

I'd be curious to hear of any experiment that has been made in that noites goianas partitura though. If a table shows or compares the characteristics of a bunch of wikidata items compare the characteristics of different games consoles; List the recurring characters in a TV show with the episodes they were in this can be done by having a separate wikidata item for each line noites goianas partitura the table and a property for each column.

Lista de MIDIS - Todas (A - Z)

If you want to show a progression over time - population for example - then have a 'population' property with noites goianas partitura values for the population integer datatype will be available in October at different points in time, each value with a qualifier property for the point in time corresponding to that value.

A graph with multiple lines representing different sources of noites goianas partitura figures estimate, CIA factbook, national census office needs an additional qualifier for each value. A graph with multiple lines comparing the population in different places needs to import data from different items, each representing a different place.

The existing Wikidata data structure with qualifiers could even be used to represent arbitrary 3 dimensional points with each point represented by a value representing a label for the data point, for instance with qualifiers for x-coord, y-coord, and z-coord.

Add a time coord and it can vary over time as well.

Of course it's noites goianas partitura to get complicated now. This is however effectively what the data in the astronomical infoboxes includes taken from star catalogsall of which is due to be integrated into wikidata.

The Wedding Album for String Quartet

A separate datanamespace may well have a usecase but, as far as I can see the tables we have on Wikipedia can pretty much all be represented in the current wikidata with no changes.

The development needed is all related to developing noites goianas partitura to extract and display the data.


These tools should also, of course, automatically update the tables and graphs when the data is changed or when an additional data point is added. Or have I missed something? One of Noites goianas partitura Best Tourist All submitted reviews become the licensed property of Sheet Music Plus and are subject to all laws pertaining thereto.

If you believe that any review contained on our noites goianas partitura infringes upon your copyright, please email us.