My Story [Marilyn Monroe, Ben Hecht] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Written at the height of her fame but not published until over a. Buy the Hardcover Book My Story by Marilyn Monroe at , Canada's largest bookstore. + Get Free Shipping on Biography and Memoir books over $25! Join in a look at the life of actress Marilyn Monroe. for the film My Week with Marilyn, starring Michelle Williams as Monroe. once thought Clark Gable to be her father — a story repeated often enough for a version of it.


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The casting director had suggested I think up some more glamorous name than Norma Dougherty. I have some papers and letters I'm keeping for your mother.

Marilyn Monroe: My Story, My Life

They show that she was related to President Monroe of the United States. It surprised my employers much more than it did me. Even if I had played only bit parts my story marilyn monroe a few films, all the movie magazines and newspapers started printing my picture and giving me write-ups.

I used to tell lies in my interviews--chiefly about my mother and father. I'd say she was dead--and he was somewhere in Europe.

My Story by Marilyn Monroe

I lied because I was my story marilyn monroe to have the world know my mother was in a mental institution--and that I had been born "out of wedlock" and never heard my illegal father's voice. There are at least three versions of any my story marilyn monroe Norma Jean has a past as obscure as her identity.

Marilyn is a powerful chameleon who had a profound impact on the mortals she came into contact with. Kennedy and how he lived to see a prediction a New York psychic had forecasted, that their lives were in danger.

BOOK REVIEW: My Story by Marilyn Monroe

She also discloses her relationship with Bobby Kennedy and the role he played in her death. Sam Giancana was part of her fascination with the mob my story marilyn monroe, and she talks about her affair with him, what it was like to be 'the girl of a gangster,' and his knowledge of the danger she my story marilyn monroe in at the end of her life and what he and Frank Sinatra tried to do about it.


Growing up with a manic-depressive mother and sharing this my story marilyn monroe herself, Marilyn sought solace with her friend, Judy Garland, who understood the relentless pressures of the Hollywood studio system.

Marilyn also sought treatment with psychiatry, and had difficulties with the many drugs they prescribed.

Marilyn Monroe: My Story, My Life by Marilyn Monroe

The release, however, was verbal. Upon being presented twice with a quit claim she refused to sign. Still feisty and articulate, Rose showed reporters Hecht's copies of the manuscript in the couple's apartment in Central Park West. Her interest in going public with who wrote what began when my story marilyn monroe finished reading Stein and Day's book.

Hers was not the concern of an heir to the text. Hers was the concern of a widow about her husband's reputation. Knowing exactly what Hecht wrote, she abhorred a passage appearing in the Stein and Day book in which Marilyn predicted her own death by overdose; not in Hecht's text; she did not want that deathly foreboding attributed my story marilyn monroe her late spouse.


Rose's assertion that Monroe never had a complete copy is consistent with a letter Hecht wrote to her attorney about progress my story marilyn monroe sending her the typescript in batches. When confronted with Rose's information Greene declared he thought she was dead!

My Story: Marilyn Monroe, Ben Hecht: : Books

Publisher Sol Stein, who by then had printed the run, proclaimed the my story marilyn monroe authenticity as Monroe's own based on the "touching simplicity" of her voice, a paradoxical compliment to Hecht's ear and pen.

Rose, accustomed to taking the high road and chronically ill-served by lawyers, calculated her slim chances in the tawdry mess, and backed down.


First of all, a pass is never entirely my story marilyn monroe because men who make passes are usually bright and good-looking. Secondly, you don't have to sit around with a wolf and listen to a lot of double talk about income taxes and what's wrong with the situation in India while he gets up enough courage to get into action.

I've let men sometimes fool themselves. Men sometimes didn't bother to find out who and what I was.