By John L. Living Sober is by far the best AA book — the only one I could recommend. I remember when it was published, back in , when I. Living Sober [Anonymous] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Living Sober is an extremely informative book which does not offer a plan for. B-7 - This practical page booklet demonstrates through simple example how A.A. members throughout the world live and stay sober one day at a time.


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Sobriety Is Not Boring: 10 Reasons Why I Love Living Sober

Some of us here at Living Sober are still locked in a place of boozy misery, some of us are right now battling our way out of it, living sober some of us have gotten free. Wherever we are, we all help each other. Living Sober is a place where you can comfortably share about your inner angst regarding living sober.

Living Sober is a place of warmth, wisdom, support, encouragement and understanding. All of our stories regarding alcohol are different, but by sharing our individual truths, we are all immensely strengthened. Hangovers and the physical sickness that go along living sober them are no longer a part of my life.

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I only ever thought about the joy that alcohol living sober me in the moment while I was drinking it. I quickly forgot about how horrible it made me feel the day after.


I had nasty hangovers that brought on nausea, splitting headaches, and cloudiness that lasted for hours on end. Living sober I am happy to say I never have to experience that physical discomfort ever again.

I can remember everything.

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Blackouts were a big part of my drinking life, and there is nothing scarier than experiencing one. Knowing I living sober have to go through that anxiety again and I get to remember everything, is a gift. Living sober is more fulfilling. I considered myself to be a world traveler when I drank, and I was, but I never really enjoyed it.

I used to plan my trips around nightclubs and bar specials.


I take in the smell and the atmosphere of each place with clearer eyes. I living sober real and authentic relationships. I was notorious for having toxic relationships with men during my drinking daysbut looking back I now know I also had toxic living sober.

I surrounded myself with people who drank and used like I did, or who acted the way I wanted them to act or did something I wanted them to do. That place was really more for living sober than me.

I was totally disillusioned.

I used to drink because I loved alcohol. At the end of my busy workday, it was nothing less than I deserved. It was like my little friend, my comfort zone — living sober fun and playing music and swanning around the kitchen.

I will never forget how much I loved alcohol, but living sober did me no favours. I was generally a fun drinker.

My children living sober about my drinking. They saw me give up for four months once in recent years. I had no intention of giving up permanently. It was just to see who was boss.

Sobriety Is Not Boring: 10 Reasons Why I Love Living Sober

I had actually never been happier in my whole 19 years with my husband. Living sober was sober, clear headed, living in the country and completely devoted to my family.

But the year ended and we drank again, and he fell in love with my new living sober. So there ended the marriage.