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And not just because he's the first man up as the Guardian once again hands out the most prestigious awards in the game … Best fan Hugo Mallo finally lived his dream of travelling to the Galician derby to watch his beloved Celta face Deportivo in enemy territory with his mates from la liga schedule 2012 13 Iago Aspas fan club.

LaLiga 2012/2013 Table, Standings

Mallo boarded the bus, posed with a For Sale sign superimposed across debt-ridden Depor's badge while his mates gigglingly stuck it up on Twitter, and then sang his way through the journey before heading into the stadium two hours before kick off, ready for war.

It was dark but he wore sunglasses and pulled his hood up, shouting for Depor's fans to come and have a go if they thought they were hard enough, singling out his victims and grabbing his crotch, inviting them to get their lips round this until a policeman in riot gear intervened.

All of which would be pretty tame, but for one thing: Best put-down One man not impressed with Mallo, or team-mate Iago Aspas whose red card in that game cost Celta victory and almost survival was striker Mario Bermejo.

They started the la liga schedule 2012 13 as they meant to go on by vacating the end but for a banner directed at Javier Tebas. Then there game against Real Madrid which didn't take place at all after the floodlights failed. The club published photos of the cables that had been cut, Madrid carried out an impromptu training session in the semi-darkness of the pitch and the match was put off 24 hours, as the president cried "sabotage".

There's still no proof that Rayo's fans were involved but outside the stadium they were remarkably calm and there was a cheer when they were told the match was off.

Almost like they already knew. Best fans' wind-up Sevilla is one of the great Spanish cities but if there is one thing that it hasn't got, and one thing that the rest of Andalusia loves to remind them that it hasn't la liga schedule 2012 13, it's a beach.

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There were other cases, some of which cost us relegation, but as we didn't have proof we kept our mouths shut. Almost every game at the end of previous seasons has been fixed for years. Actually, don't step forw … oh, balls, too late. But what have la liga schedule 2012 13 won it for this time?


For putting the weekly free-to-air "general interest" game on three different channels in a single season, shifting the kick off time and day by the week? For spreading games randomly across 10 time slots on Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday?


For finishing the season after the Fifa cut-off point, almost depriving one relegation-threatened side their best player? No, it's none of those.

It's the Sids 2013! The complete review of La Liga 2012-13

And it's not for giving somewhere between 10 and seven days warning as to what day games are on either. Hell, that's an improvement.

It's not even scheduling summer games so late that La liga schedule 2012 13 Tomer Hemed scored two lovely goals on two different days in the same game, which will make a nice quiz question one day. No, this year's act of genius was setting matches at 7. Most democratic club Real Madrid, where the presidency is open to everyone.

I'll tear your head off.

–13 La Liga - Wikipedia

Biggest coward Iker La liga schedule 2012 13. He would have got away with it too if it hadn't been for that pesky fan and his camera phone. Dirtiest player Diego Costa says he never takes his work home with him. Which is probably a good thing. He would stroll into the living room and dramatically collapse on the floor, rolling round the rug holding his head and appealing for a penalty.

And he might even get it too. Diego Costa wears gloves, even with short sleeved shirts. Presumably to make sure he leaves no prints.

Apparently, he had come to get his boots.

Because getting them during the day was impossible.