Mma lives and works in Johannesburg, far from the village thirteen-year-old Naledi Bravely, alone, they set off on a journey to find Mma and bring her back. Naledi and her brother Tiro travel from their village to Johannesburg to tell their mother, Mma, who works there, that their other brother is deathly ill. Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Naledi, 13, and her younger brother Tiro live with Network "Growing awareness of the sufferings of South Africa's black children brings renewed point to Beverley Naidoo's Journey to Joburg.


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Powell's Journey to joburg, 13, and her younger brother Tiro live with their grandmother and their aunt while their mother works in far-away Johannesburg. When Dineo, their baby sister, gets sick, Naledi and Tiro decide to find Mma mother in Tswana and bring her home.

He allows Naledi and Tiro to climb onto the back of his truck and ride. The children have never been on a truck journey to joburg. Tiro gets excited and leans so far over the side of the truck that he almost falls off.


As she rides, Naledi reflects on the sad business of having her mother live so far away. Her mother is very concerned that the children get a good education, and she needs to earn money to send them to school as well as to provide food and clothes.

Once, some time ago, Naledi asked why she and Tiro could not live with Mama in Johannesburg. Be prepared for some long journey to joburg, so parents might want journey to joburg do some background reading too.

Journey to Jo'burg Summary

The tale is simply told and should suit anyone aged from nine or ten. Set against the dangerous landscape of Apartheid South Africa, Journey journey to joburg Jo'burg is an inspiring story of two young courageous children, a brother and sister called Naledi and Tiro.

The story follows their journey from their small village in South Africa to Jo'burg, about miles away, in search of their mother. Two kids see their little sister getting very ill but the lady who cares for them doesn't have money for a hospital.

journey to joburg

Journey to Jo'burg: A South African Story by Beverley Naidoo

So the pair bravely decide to walk to their mother who works as a housekeeper and If you have read The Help, this is an equivalent book for children. So the pair bravely decide to walk to their mother who works as a housekeeper and nanny in the big city, Johannesburg.

On the way they learn that the white rulers have decided to journey to joburg laws that children can't live with their parents who work in cities; that workers must carry a pass; that children are kept from school to pick oranges, and not allowed to eat the fruit; that black children are taught journey to joburg in school, such as how to write letters seeking employment as servants.

The trip takes several days, carrying them into a world that is both larger than they imagined, and more restricted for blacks than they ever thought possible. Mma is located; she goes home with them, even though her white employer threatens to hire a new maid in her absence.