Listen to Podcast 52 Outtake and 55 other episodes by Watir Podcast. mistated Watirbook score on the podcast by 10x) Homebrewer's Guide. I discovered on Leanpub that beyond Željko Filipin's Homebrewer's Guide to Watir book, there is also another book - Watir Recipes by Zhimin. For up to date installation instructions download Homebrewer's Guide to Watir book. You can download the book for free. If you buy the book the money goes to.


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I can retrieve and display all of the current headlines: Actually, it does a little more homebrewers guide to watir that. The above code prints all of the h2 tags anywhere in the site, which includes a bit more than that.

But I want the h2s within the div, so I can just say: So, I can display all of the latest headlines with: Watir provides methods for you to retrieve many different types of elements from within the full browser context, or within a more restrictive context.

The singular method retrieves the first item to match your stated criteria, or if multiple elements matched, the first from that list. Watir provides a number of tricks that let you find and work with Web pages.

You also can loop through a number of matches and flash each of homebrewers guide to watir in turn: For homebrewers guide to watir, let's assume that I want to execute a search on the LJ site.

Browser automation with Watir - guide (not only) for testers - Binar::Apps

Looking at the home page, I see a text field and a search button next to it. If I enter text in that text field and click on the search button, I should see some results.

There are homebrewers guide to watir ways to modify the text. This means that you can use and test things that require JavaScript.

[wtr-general] Watir and Quibids

Is there a way for me to move the image forward or backward without clicking on these buttons with the mouse? The answer is yes, but first I have to find the elements that will take the click.

I was able to grab that div with: In this way, you can test JavaScript and Ajax events, as they take place homebrewers guide to watir an actual browser. Conclusions The good news is that Watir is a great tool for testing Web applications.


I've been using it only a short while, and Homebrewers guide to watir already delighted with the sorts of sophisticated tests I can run. The fact that I can test different browsers automatically, work against actual sites and know that I'm using a real-world environment, rather than one designed for testing, is a big help.


Watir has come a long way from its Windows-and-IE-only roots, and the developers deserve a great deal of credit. That said, there are a number of issues with Watir, ranging from the difficult-to-follow installation instructions, to the confusingly large number of homebrewers guide to watir and unrelated Ruby gems, to the API, which is well written, but poorly documented.

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  • [wtr-general] Watir and Quibids - Grokbase
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  • Downloading prezi...
  • Browser automation with Watir - guide (not only) for testers

As well, since the book homebrewers guide to watir not auto-generated, it can directly specify the dynamically generated classes and methods.

Connect and expand concepts I think the hardest part about programming is taking the fundamental principles of the library and combining them to produce something. For example, one might understand that it is possible to locate an element by id or by its index, yet they will get stumped when they need to locate an element that seems homebrewers guide to watir have no attributes.

One solution may be to locate a parent element by id and then find the element by index with respect to the parent.


While a user will likely get to the answer, a book can, through generalization and examples, shorten the amount of time it homebrewers guide to watir to make the connection. Summary Homebrewers guide to watir think there is at least some value in having a Watir book.

But let's not fool ourselves - test automation is hard. Maybe you tried out Selenium IDE, but found it unwieldy and ineffective, maybe you started scripting in Selenium, but it feels strange and uncomfortable.

Both methods take a lot of time - which you don't have. What worked for me was Watir http: