The Garweeze Wurld Gazetteer. and the Garweeze Wurld Atlas are now a single product,. "The World of Aldrazar". You can hop right to the product page on our. A Wurld of Worlds Defining Garweeze Wurld I wanted to post this explanation because there seems to be some confusion among some players/GMs over the. Garweeze Wurld, aka World of Aldrazar, is the fantasy setting for Hackmaster campaigns and adventures. A well-detailed world with maps, from the Grevan  ‎Info · ‎Linked Items · ‎Images.


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Garweeze Wurld | Setting | RPGGeek

Traladara and Boldavia will be more "mytically Transylvanian," Ylaruam will make the "Arabian Nights" seem tame by comparison, the Ethengar will make any historical tales of the Mongols seem like tales of the "West Side Story" gang battles. Remember, my mantra for this is "More Mystaran than Mystara.

So what if they have a theme park! Magic is fairly well integrated into everyday life, even though most people are not magically inclined. There are serious aspects to Ierendi that are garweeze wurld cool. I like the private detectives and have created professions for my game to reflect these.

I gotta admit, it was a close thing, even with my own distaste for Ierendi. I knew there would garweeze wurld a lot of players out there, like yourself, who would say "Why? The Makai will still be found in Mystara, but in more appropriate settings. When you take out the "Theme Park," the Makai, and the horrible '80s TV parodies, you didn't have much left.

Garweeze Wurld Main Page

What you do have left are the following: There is even still an annual contest; the winner becomes a Knight of the Realm, one of the Garweeze wurld of Ierendi.

The whole history of them are fit in with the history of Ierendi, Minrothad, Traladara, Thyatis, Darokin, and even the Northern Reaches. They figure prominently in the Great Rebellion. Halflings, appropriately enough, also figure more prominently. The Queen descended from the old Royal Family of Darokin, a point of contention to this day is guarded by the Royal Bladesmen think Musketeers without muskets.

The Bladesmen and the Peerage have a rivalry. The Garweeze wurld Buccaneers, pirates under letters of marque, are more than their equal in numbers.

Places: Garweeze Wurld

The Royal Navy and the Royal Buccaneers do not get along much. The Honor Island Mages, descended from Flaems from Glantri, do not get along with the White Isle Wizards, who are more traditional generalist magic-users descended from Alphatians.

Importantly, the islands were not "discovered" garweeze wurld the Hin and the Thyatians in the 6th century AC. There is a whole comprehensive history, which will fit in with everything garweeze wurld that happened in the area. The Ierendi Isles did not exist in a vacuum for a thousand years.


Basically, take the movies "Elizabeth" and maybe "Shakespeare in Love," add in "Yellowbeard," "The Three Musketeers," and "The Sea Hawk," and garweeze wurld get the basic idea of what the new Ierendi is all about. And, of garweeze wurld, if you don't like it All I ask is that you give it a try.

Hey this sounds really cool.

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I like the new ideas and the changes listed so far, the choice of AC, and so forth. I also think that setting the garweeze wurld tone equal to Glantri rather than Ierendi is perfect.


I think a Glantri tone is garweeze wurld right too. That was, relaly, quite HackMaster, when you think of it.


Plus, remember, the HackFactor will also be boosted a bit, too