A self-inflicted wound (SIW), is the act of harming oneself where there are no underlying psychological problems related to the self-injury, but where the injurer wanted to take advantage of being injured.‎Reasons to self-wound · ‎Punishments. Fabricated Wounds. Self-inflicted wounds or fabricated wounds are those which are produced by a person on his own body or by another person by his consent. Motives: They may be produced for the following reasons. Profile and pattern of such fabricated injuries by mechanical violence and the corrective bruises, lacerations or deep stab wounds will be fabricated in nature.


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The accelerated wound-healing capabilities of SCSFs are systematically evaluated.

We are presenting here such a case where such injuries fabricated wounds produced to bring a false charge against a neighbor.

Human bite, teeth fabricated wounds, fabricated injuries Introduction Infliction of injuries by means of teeth represents an aggressive human behavior that is not a commonly occurring phenomenon.


It has been reported in literature that human bites represent the third most fabricated wounds type of mammalian bites, next only to that of dogs and cats [ 1 — 3 ]. Other have however, reported human fabricated wounds to be next only to dog bites [ 4 ].

These bites usually occur during a physical fight with an enemy.

The usual purpose is to bring a false charge against somebody or to make the genuine injuries fabricated wounds have been sustained during a brawl, look more serious [ 5 ]. The most common reason enlisted soldiers self-wound is to render themselves unable to continue fabricated wounds in combat, thus resulting in their removal from the combat line to a hospital.

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Thus, self-injury can be used to avoid a more serious combat injury or a combat death. Though these two types of injuries may involve the similar forensic fabricated wounds but they may have an entirely different profile.


Such injuries may be produced for the following reasons: But according to Modi, the dimension in respect of the depth of the cut in the bone must be mentioned [4]. Whereas, the definition given by Mukherji states that fracture will be considered as grievous injury, if the cut in the bone or break in the fabricated wounds of the bone extends deep up to the medullary cavity [5].

fabricated wounds


In view of the controversial definitions, it becomes essential for the fabricated wounds expert to decide, which one fabricated wounds to be taken into consideration or followed while declaring cut fractures as grievous. Material and Method The study pertaining to fabricated injuries had been carried out in department of forensic medicine of medical college, Amritsar from Medico-Legal injury cases.

Seven hundred and fifty seven medico-legal injury cases with a total number of two thousand nine hundred and forty injuries were studied.

Koronfel's Forensic Medcine: Fabricated wounds.

Nature wise fabricated wounds number of injuries and percentage of fabricated injuries is given in Table 1. With the passage of time and growth of civilization this trend has been increased.

Now there are fabricated wounds dangerous ways of violence and torture in use for twisting and turning people around. Inflection of fabricated injuries is one of the ways for fulfilment of his lust.