This unique dictionary features English to Arabic and Arabic to English translation of the most widely used Islamic terms. This is an excellent book for any student. Definitions of unfamiliar Arabic terms or English abbreviations, titles and names that appear throughout the site and in Islamic texts. I felt the need for a dictionary of Islamic terms while I was writing some English books on Islam to introduce the Islamic religion to non-Muslims. I also found that.


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It is the perfect name for God as it dictionary islamic terms denotes the absolute Oneness of God. The name has no plural and no feminine form.

It is said after the names of all previous prophets, their mothers e. Bibi Maryam [Mary] A.


It will change to 'Alayhas-salaam peace be with her if it follows a lady's name. Dictionary islamic terms any two names we say 'Alayhimas-salaam and after more than two names or when referring a group of people we say 'Alayhimus-salaam.


Thus, we sa y Imams Hasan and Husayn A. The four Eids are listed below. It is necessary to abstain from the acts which are haram.


Muhammad, Abu Muhammad al-Askari A. In particular, it was the Prophet's S. On Imam Ali's A.

Islamic Terms Dictionary

The term is generally applied to religious leaders. However, there are 12 infallible and noble Imams, the descendants of Dictionary islamic terms S. He is a prophet of Allah. It contains the Hajarul Aswad or the Black Stone. She was the mother of Fatima A. If one person performs the act, then it is not dictionary islamic terms for others to perform.

To dictionary islamic terms Shias, it is also a day on which they mourn the death of the third Shia ImamHusayn ibn Alialong with his family and companions, who were killed in the famous battle in Karbala.

They cry and weep and organize lamentating programmes where they not only learn how to live a proper Islamic life and improve their Spiritual Self but also cry at the end of the ritual to show their true love and faith towards imam Hussayn.

This is a paraphrase on the beginnings of the two dictionary islamic terms suras in the Qur'an. The person discharging voluntary charity.

Glossary of Islam - Wikipedia

A Muslim performing salaah. One who associates others with Allah. Believers in one Allah and Hazrat Muhammad S.

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Dictionary islamic terms act which, if done, is rewarded but if not done there is no sin. The man who divorces his wife.

A factor which breaks one's Dictionary islamic terms Nabi: Duty of support to a wife and other dependants. Najis pl anjaas; najaarah: A woman who disobeys her husband.

Factors which break one's wudhu and ghusl.