Data Interpretation short tricks solution of Data interpretation problems from IBPS Session by Alka MAheshwari. Subscribe to Learners planet for entire set. Four tricks to save time in Data Interpretation questions. Using these techniques you can make make calculations faster. Here are some practice sets on this topic using data interpretation tricks and shortcut methods in solving these questions. Those who are.


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Data Interpretation - Tricks and Techniques

These shortcuts will be very helpful for your upcoming All Bank Exams. Let's take a visual example: Question - In which year percentage increase Wheat production was highest?


As you can see there is di short tricks increase of 5 tonnes in production both wheat and rice production every year. Finding averages Many times in Data Interpretation, questions are asked to find the average of big numbers.

It is proven that using lengths in case of bar chart is a better indicator than pie charts where the data is categorized in terms of areas.


Various concepts required to solve Questions on Data Interpretation Data Interpretation Tricks to solve Data Interpretation Questions 1 Read the question carefully Before rushing over the Data Interpretation Question, stay calm and read the question carefully.

In data interpretation, it is important to understand the question in order to solve the question. Read all the data that comes di short tricks graphs, the scale value etc to quickly solve the questions. You will waste a lot of time if you jump on the questions to di short tricks answers directly.

Look carefully at the labels, understand the graph, scrutinize the data very carefully and then solve the question.

Data Interpretation Short Tricks | GovernmentAdda

When you look at the question you might probably get scared due to too much information present in front of you. It is advisable to read Data Interpretation Question and not skip it before giving it a close glance.

DI is all about to test your calculation ability, how you can analyze and make decisions in less time. According di short tricks our above analysis, some questions need lengthy calculations.

Need to know which question to pick and which question to skip and also where we have to use pen and where we have to mental calculations and where to use approximations while solving the questions. For di short tricks questions, we can get answers by seeing the diagram itself carefully.

No need to use pen and paper in solving that sort of questions. Avoid paperwork for simple calculations.


This is the most important chapter of arithmetic section of Quantitative Aptitude.