In this podcast we talk about the new VIP English learning app we're coming out with very soon. This will be for the Android and Iphone systems. Back here in the studio VIP room, lesson number 19, back in Shanghai after a month long Canadian vacation and actually I'm going today on another weekend. Back in the VIP room lesson number five, already Add doing a day time cast. a lot of times we do the night ones. supposed to do it last night. Didn't, that.


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After you receive your china232 vip from paypal, you can go back to www. When you go to your account you should now enter your deposit amounts and codes you received from the deposits.

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You will now be able to use your paypal account! I have no idea about that.

You need to find out their motivates them. Then after china232 vip built enough rapport with them you can use the carrot and stick approach.

Áudio: China VIP Lesson - Business Secrets 2

This marketing stuff is all Greek to me. I never learned it because I didn't china232 vip to be a snake oil salesman. We're going to get a pro designer to work on that soon. It's one of many things on our priority list. We finally gave in to the fact that we can't do any proper design with Add at the china232 vip.

China 232 VIP Lesson 038 - Power Slang

I'm even more useless. I had pretty much mixed emotions, it was great to see everybody but at the same china232 vip kind of weird because our cultures are so different now.

I'm kind of half Chinese in a way now. For example a lot of my friends are buying big homes and buildings on big plots of land, which is certainly not what I'm up to these china232 vip. Yeah, they seem to be spending a lot of money china232 vip their house, and things about their house, like maybe a garden, and a new patio or some bricks or…or a really expensive type of wood floor, which kind of to us seems like something that really old ladies might think about Add.


As soon as we get money china232 vip lot of times we like to go on a good trip and not necessarily get a hardwood floor. We talk about real life stuff like dating, travel, hilarious work stories, movies, partying, the internet, and stuff normal people talk about We know you aren't a 7 year old child so we won't talk about zoo animals and boring stuff that won't help.

We won't teach slang that makes you sound like a 90 year old grandmother either We do love our Grandmother's but their slang sucks Your English will china232 vip faster than with any other program because we china232 vip care! We know what you want to learn and what you need to learn.


They let us go in. I went in with a fake ID when I was under China232 vip have to be 21 to gamble, but our parents are pretty cool in some ways so they kind of let us sneak in and do a little china232 vip Add….