A beep code is a tone, or series of tones, produced during the POST. A Beep code usually indicates a major hardware problem. Here's more. Jump to AST BIOS - "The only AwardBIOS beep code indicates that a video error has occurred and the BIOS cannot initialize the video screen to display any additional information. This beep code consists of a single long beep followed by two short beeps. Any other beeps are probably RAM (Random Access Memory) problems.". Some number of short beeps that are sounded by the BIOS upon startup when a memory, cache or processor error is encountered. There are numerous beep code patterns, and Phoenix BIOS codes are long and short beeps delivered in groups. The following beep codes are for AMI BIOSs.


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When troubleshooting further, refer to the section Resolving beep codes.

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Not all codes shown and codes shown might vary. Some codes are very simple to troubleshoot, and you will be able to do it, and some will need a technician.


If it does the same thing, one of the memory chips on the motherboard are bad, and you most likely need to get another motherboard since these chips are soldered on. If video is working, you'll see an error message. If not, you have a parity error in your first 64K of memory.

Bios beep codes check your SIMM's.

BIOS Beep Codes for Intel® Desktop Boards

Reseat them and reboot. They indicate problems such as bad memory, bad keyboard or bad motherboard.

This is a video problem. Replace the video adapter first. If the problem persists, replace the motherboard.

Cache memory error Continuous Beeping: Memory problem 1 Long, then 2 Short Beeps: Memory error Reseat the memory.