Christian girl names inspired by Bible are always looked upto for their character and virtues. Here's a list of names. Take your pick for your baby girl. This collection of biblical girl names brings together names from the Bible or names derived from biblical words, including the origin and. Baby naming ceremony is of enormous importance in the Christian way of life. Get popular Indian origin Christian child names, Christian baby Girl names ideas.


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Soul Survivors at Sea Noah saved his family from a flood by building an ark and stocking it with enough provisions and livestock to repopulate the earth. One of his most dramatic moments: He is known as a prophet, leader, and lawgiver.

Christian Girl Baby Names | Christian Girl Names & Meanings | Names for Christian Baby Girl

Baby girl names christian the prophet Jonah refused to deliver a message from God to the sinners of Nineveh, he got a time-out by spending three days in the belly of a large fish.

Nevertheless, the name Jonah is holding steady atand faring better than its Greek counterpart, Jonasat Will Jonas surpass Jonah one day? Maybe — thanks to the popularity of all those Jonas brothers. Sarah was the wife of Abraham and the mother of Isaac.


Ranked at 18, variations include Sara 81Saraiand Sarahi The name achieved its greatest popularity as a top 10 name between and Rachelthe sister of Baby girl names christianwas the second and favorite wife of Jacoband mother to Joseph and Benjamin.

Between andRachel was a top 20 name for girls; it is currently ranked at Its variation, Rachael, is ranked at Celebrity chef and talk show hostess Rachael Ray is a famous bearer of the name.

Rebecca was baby girl names christian resourceful wife of Isaac and the mother of twins Jacob and Esau. Between the late s andthis name was frequently in the top 25 or 50, but it has fallen in recent years and is currently ranked at Naomithe mother-in-law of Ruthresurfaced in the top in Variations of Naomi include Nayomee, Naomie, and Nomi.

Variations like Marja, Marin, or Marelle may be a way to revive this classic, which means "bitter. Hope The "virtue" names —like Faith, Charity, and Felicity—have been popular in Christian circles for centuries.


But Hope may be the most popular of all. Gone are the days of all of the children in class having a couple of peers called by the same moniker.

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Different is baby girl names christian name of the game these days -- no pun intended. Picking the best name may be an overwhelming process but the most important consideration is to choose the one baby girl names christian you love.

Look no further as we present you with our list of most popular christian baby girl names Popular christian girl names starting with A 1. The Name will be with the Baby through the rest of their Life.