First published – Hodder & Stoughton. No one can weave a web of suspense, deliver a jolt of surprise, or teach a lesson in living like bestselling author. Created by Raymond Thompson. With William Shatner, Chelsie Preston Crayford, Emily Barclay, John Bach. A storyteller tells stories to a group of kids and the. A Twist in the Tale [Jeffrey Archer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. No one can weave a web of suspense, deliver a jolt of surprise.


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However, during a coronation, a twist in the tale precious Gold Order is replaced with a Second Class Order by the King of Multavia who takes his third class order back. Gerald decides to make a gold copy of this one as well in time for Walter Ramsbottom's mayor coronation ceremony.

This story became the leading title to the best selling anthology paperback of with the same title.

'Twist in the tail' and 'Twist in the tale'. | WordReference Forums

This is a a twist in the tale love story. It is written largely from the perspective of the protagonist, Benjamin, a lawyer, who is the son of a rabbi. It is set in Canada and starts in Benjamin's high school years. Benjamin, a Jew, falls in love with Christina, a German girl whose father is anti-Semitic, and had fought under the Nazis—for which he had been awarded the Iron Cross.

As their forbidden romance grows, Christina becomes pregnant by Benjamin. But she is taken away immediately by her family, and forced to marry the son of an old family friend, Klaus Willing. However, it proves to be a sham marriage.

'Twist in the tail' and 'Twist in the tale'.

Five years later, Benjamin reestablishes contact with Christina where they both live and work in Toronto. She divorces her husband and in exchange for a swift divorce, he gets custody of the boy Nicholas—who cannot see his real father until he is 21 and should not be told he is Benjamin's son.

A year into their newly rekindled passionate relationship and marriage, Christina is pregnant again, and gives birth to a girl named Deborah. Unfortunately, she had not warned Benjamin that there were complications a twist in the tale she gave birth the first time, and had been advised by the doctors not to have any more children.

She died during the childbirth. While on the way to the funeral, Benjamin—who is reconciled with Christina's parents and his own father—passes by the hospital to see Deborah.

A Twist in the Tale | Official website for Jeffrey Archer

Unfortunately, the baby was too weak to survive and died not long after the birth. Unable to withstand a twist in the tale loss of both wife and child on the same day, Benjamin commits suicide. The story ends with the revelation that what the reader understands to be Benjamin's contemporaneous rendering of the events is in fact a suicide note that his father, the old rabbi, has read each day for the last ten years since the suicide occurred.

The story begins by introducing an alluring woman, whose entrance into the room is marked by every one of its occupants.

The narrator goes on to describe the event as a chess tournament, where the lady is a new participant, and he himself was the Chess Club's new a twist in the tale. The tournament follows round-robin pairing, as the narrator finds himself facing a thin man, wearing a three-piece suit and half-moon spectacles, an accountant working in Woking.

You could also undertake your own search in Google Books to discover that there are many examples of "twist in the tail" in books published in the 19th century - all referring to animals' tails - but "twist in the tale" does not appear until the latter half of the 20th century - possibly as late as the s.

This is good evidence; esp. The tales are quite ordinary, but each has the promised "twist" in the end.


Like everything Archer writes, I give the book 4 stars because I can't stop reading whatever he writes. These are the 12 stort stories contained in this volume: A Perfect Murder is the story about a man who has committed the perfect murder.

A Twist in the Tale

Not only does he stand by seeing another man being Archer says that ten of the dozen stories in this volume are based on true incidents. Not only does he stand by seeing another man being arrestted for the murder of his mistress, but he makes sure that another a twist in the tale is convicted of his crime by making sure he is called upon as a juror on the case.

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Clean Sweep Ignatius is a story about a Minister from Nigeria has made great strides in rooting out corruption from his country